Kung Fu Kid

温力铭( DANNY )


Hey ya'll all the people on the street
Welcome to the world of kung fu here we meet
Clench your fist stand straight on the feet
Ready for the real fight may we all succeed
We have sidekick front kick reverse back kick
And not to forget all the wires on my back
So what I have no training
Guess what let's kung fu fighting yeah

让我跳出山洞 变成悟空 有点冲动 让我自己创造武功
跳出山洞 飞越天空 有点冲动 让我自己创造武功

It's just ain't the same in the movie scene
Bruce Lee Jackie Chan they have full of beans
I kickin'in all directions leavin' out opponent
Tryin' to save the nation with no intention
Fighting on the roof top jumping from block to block
With one string attached to the back of my shorts
So what I'm a kung fu freak
No doubt Danny is goona cheat

I feel the punch on my face scars on my chest
But still I wanna holler I'm not gonna bother
The sword on my hand and the sweat in my pants
All I want is to to fight as a real man
Focus one direction getting my attention
Fighting with my best trying to make a difference
So what I'm kung fu kid
Guess what I'm gonna make it real big

歌曲:Kung Fu Kid
演唱:温力铭( DANNY )