Lyrics:Cheryl Wheeler
Music:Cheryl Wheeler
Arranger:Richard Yuen

I wish I could fall in love
Though it only leads to trouble, oh I know it does
Still I'd fool myself & gladly, just to feel I was
in love, in love

I wish I could feel my heartbeat rise
And gaze into some gentle warm excited eyes
And give myself as truly as an arrow flies
In windless skies

Oh I remember you, in the TV light
Holding you close to me where we lay
And now I wish I knew some of those softer nights
Whispering quietly, feeling you turn to me

'Cause only last night in the winter dark
I dreamed of how you loved an all your innocence
And I've never known a softer warmer feeling since
On a truer heart

But maybe these dreams are leading me
Maybe love is not as gentle as my memory
Maybe time & wishful half remembered fantasy
Are the greatest part