I'm Good


Oh I'm good
I'm too good, it's true
There's so much I can do
I can tie my own shoe
But you say
Maybe you're not that good
Say I just play pretend
Make me feel like a fool

And I asked myself if I am good
And I talked to stars and to the moon
And I even looked up into several books
Am I good? Am I good? Am I good?
What am I supposed to be, oh I'm good.

Wooo you're crazy cuz I'm good

Oh I'm good
My dad said I'm good
'You're my shooting star!' he said
Been told that since I was two
But when you say
'Maybe it's quite the opposite.'
Hits me like a slap on the face
I don't want to hear your craps

So I discovered some of my drawbacks
And I found the mistakes I made before
And I feel like I'm not me anymore
Am I good? Am I good? Am I good?
Oh what am I supposed to be, Oh what am I supposed to be…

Am I good?
Am I brave enough to say it's not true?
Look in the mirror and reintroduce?
That girl I thought I knew?
Am I good?
Lay down my ego, am I able to?
Have the blindness removed?
And to start anew?

Oh I'm good
Not the shiniest balloon
Which I didn't get to choose
But I know I am en route.

好乐团:I'm Good,来自专辑《把悲伤留在这里》。