World Peace

孔令奇( KUNG )

作词:小虫/孔令奇/Crusader X

Sing It Sing It Loud 爽就好
不管有什么天气 We Ganna Have A Party
Show Some Love 一点的爱情
Have A Litte World Peace

昨天在工作的路上 我发觉世界不太和平

It don't even matter what you look like
秃头 alright
丑的要命 没有必要 哦哦哦
发型怪怪 走路又怪怪
那么无聊 Look at them 哦哦哦
哦哦哦 别哇哇叫 Please no more
There arm wars in Africa
If your dad , wears high sox
Uses brylcream
And cheaper than un that's cool
If your mama goes out with a white
witch the bright red lips, that's cool
If you're fat little kid in middle school
Everybody be wanting to pick on you
Relax one day , you'll get them back
I told you , that you would

如果真的要没事东管西管 何不自己先当垃圾分类处理
It doesn't matter how you wanna play all
night all day
如果你不会 别说 哦哦哦
Pink hair red hair long hair no hair
Like how you look, just screm 哦哦哦
哦哦哦 你应该享受生活
Sun is high in air
So please don't worry no more
If you just got blownoff by your girl friend
All you gotta say your loss , who cares
With your dashing good looks and James
Bond charm
There's a whole sea of girls out there
放心 他没有朋友
And if you feel like no one cares about you
Come party with me , let's go

If don't even matter where you live at big
house , small shack
If you livin large speak on 哦哦哦
Black ones , white ones , yellow ones ,
brown ones
Don't need the color segregation No No No
No No No color don't matter no more
If everybody in the world was the same
How boring a place this world be
There would be 小七 小王 小汉 小胖
And everyone would look like me
下一次 lighten up , just go with the flow
And if the flow ain't flowin, just make it
flow everybody wants to live like they see
on the cribs
Be happy with your life and move on

歌曲:World Peace
演唱:孔令奇( KUNG )
作词:小虫/孔令奇/Crusader X