Love Yourself

莫文蔚( Karen Mok )


I don't need some guy to wine and dine me all the time.
I don't need some other guy to tell me I look fine.
I won't hear a lie even if it's all you have to say.
No more empty promises to keep me hanging on a line.
Just as the music plays on and on each and every day.
Hey Hey There is no other way. Simply smile a little
smile for you. No matter what you do. Love yourself
every way. Feeling good that's your natural right.
Love yourself every day. Looking good all thru' day
and night.(Love youself everyway walking tall hold
your head uphigh. Love yourself every day close your
eyes feel the love inside.) You ought know by now baby.
Feeling love is all you need to be a lady.(loving life
is all you need to be a lady.) All I need's a lover
who'll stand by me thru' and thru'. and I need a love
that's goona stay forever true. I won't care at all even
if you never say 'I love you'. I've got better things
to do to make my dreams come true. And if the music dies
life goes on each and every day.

歌曲:Love Yourself
演唱:莫文蔚( Karen Mok )