Last Night(2002重唱版)

王力宏( Leehom Wang )


Last night I watched you sleep as you lay there
I dropped down to my knees and said a prayer

I leaned over softly to kiss your beautiful face
But I could not cross the ocean of your grace

The moonlight held you aloft a picture of peace
The only sound was the soft breeze from the east

My heart beat down in my chest to the rhythm of your gentle breath
And the whole world calmed down for this moment of rest

Now I'm...I'm standing above you trying so hard not to tell you I love you
And all that I want in this world is you

If you'd only Wake up you'd know it was true

Oh baby I love you can be so hard to say
Especially when it's meant in this strong a way

But at this moment while you lie asleep I am suddenly free
And my trembling arms reach out for you As if you could see

歌曲:Last Night(2002重唱版)
演唱:王力宏( Leehom Wang )