Unloaded all the fears that stop me from going anywhere
I've taken all the little steps, from the start, till the unknown
For all I need now is one sign, one chance, one irrationality
Right now my mind is such a mess I cant say a word, so
If I sing a song, just sing along
What could go wrong?
If I ever run to you, just take my hand
“Cus I just don't know how to talk to you
Millions of barriers I can't possibly break through on my own
Frustrated with all of the wrong attempts I tried to make
Now all I need is one step back, withdrawn from irrationality
And all of that escaped from me in those words
If I sing you a song, just sing along
It can't be wrong
If I ever run to you, don't take my hand
Cus I can't think straight for now
Promise me don't look me in the eye
Don't call my name
I'm such a coward
Oh wrote you a song
Don't get me wrong
I'm leaving
Just be alone a while for now

张雨檬:Coward(懦夫),来自专辑《Institutional Lies》。