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Love Ain't True


Hey, what do you think love is?
Different people have different interpretations of love.
But one thing is for sure:
Love and our feeling are inseparable.

For me, 'love' is like a poison.
Once you've tried it, You'll even lose you senses,
No matter how deeply you're hurt,
you'd still desperately long for love to conquer your soul again.

But, will there be another chance to fall in love again?
How much longer do you have to wait for until true love arrives?
I guess people can never answer these questions.

That's why every time when I'm in love,
I will devote myself to the relationship,
be it enjoyable or painful. But why...why... tell me...

Tell me love is true
shining stars are my vows of my love to you
Be with you
every day of my life get rid of the blue
All my life
I'll protect you from the darkness keep away from storm
Now all hopes are gone
I've waited till dawn
My heart is broken apart into two
and my life's through

so tell me...tell me... love is true