Day after day you still remember
How they enslave us
Today will be the last day because
This time they will be forgotten
Join the resistance
We write down our names with blood.

Imagination crushes everything you see
You are drowning in the fear
Nothing helps no nothing's clear
They said Beg on your knees and pray for our mercy
Implore a chance to linger on
Your head is beneath their feet

Now I'm sitting here alone
Can't take this anymore
Live with the glory and hope
Through the storm we are standing still

Hey! Hey! We are the warriors!
Hey! Hey! We are ready for war!
Hey! Hey! So sharpen your spears and swords!
Now! Now! Who turns the table?
Now! Now! Who wins the game?
Now! Now! Get up and take back your own tomorrow!

1000 times you try to hold us back
When our back against the wall we will stand and fight
Now the day turns to night
The hunting is on you get nowhere to hide

Only the strong survive

What Century:IN FUTURE,来自专辑《美丽幻化》。