By My Side(feat. 刘明湘)



Snowflakes fall light dimmers
Evening haze you wander
Your smile falls on me tender
I reach out to you yet can't feel you

Time stands still in my hands
Moments last a lifetime
But with time life still passes us by missing dreams and hopes we had
Can't get back to you oh wish I knew

After all now I know, now I know the lesson learned
Your worlds falling apart count the scars and wounds unable to heal
Wish I knew then, to never let you go alone
No longer by, not by my side

Waves of tears fall is this what heartbreak is for
Pain will come and will go can't forget what was once before
I keep you closing my heart you're in my heart
right by my side
we'll never be apart

歌曲:By My Side(feat. 刘明湘)


By My Side(2022)