Bad Guy


原唱Billie Eilish&Justin Bieber
翻唱:朱志鑫 余宇涵 苏新皓 张极 张峻豪
顺:White shirt now red my bloody nose
顺:Sleepin you're on your tippy toes
顺:Creepin around like no one knows
顺:Think you're so criminal
朱:Bruises on both my knees for you
朱:Don't say thank you or please
朱:I do what I want when I'm wanting to
朱:My soul so cynical

极:So you're a tough guy
极:Like it really rough guy
极:Just can't get enough guy
极:Chest always so puffed guy
极:I'm that bad type
极:Make your mama sad type
顺:Make your girlfriend mad tight
顺:Might seduce your dad type

朱/极/顺:I'm the bad guy
朱/极/顺:I'm the bad guy

苏:Gold teeth my neck my wrist is froze
苏:I got more ice than than the snow
苏:That guy don't act like you don't know
苏:That guy so critical
余/苏:Tattoos on both my sleeves
余/苏:Yeah I don't sleep please don't wake me
余/苏:Loosen my tie up so I can breathe
余/苏:It ain't political oh no

朱/极:Yeah I'm a bad guy
朱/极:Ain't no holdin back guy
朱/极:Come off like I'm mad guy
朱/极:Always got your back guy
合:Yeah I'm the real type
合:Keep you full of thrills type
合:Show you what it feels like
合:Get an open invite
苏:I'm the bad guy woah ohh

合:I'm the bad guy
顺:Never worry bout a single hatin xxx(fuck)
顺:Lookin like my next supper
顺:All these moves that I'm makin got people talkin
顺:Like How many papers is This man signin(I'm the bad)
顺:I'm back wit the backpack rap
顺:Man I'm thinkin that this finna make them scat
顺:Got a bag full of cash if we talkin sout that(bad)
顺:Run run it like forrest gump can you feel that
(I'm the bad guy)
(I'm the bad guy)
(I'm the bad ha)

歌曲:Bad Guy
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