Say You Need Me Now



Are you feeling lonely?
Feeling down and cold?
Do you wanna hold my hand
when things are out control?
Sometimes you may wonder why I'm so far away
But don't you know I miss you every day...

Loving one another it's not an easy thing
You've got to take the good times and also
take up all of the pain
Even though it happens we're living separate lives
But don't you know deep inside
Nothing can keep us apart

* No matter where you are no matter what you do
I'm ready to come ready just for you
No matter where I am no matter what I do
Reach out for me and I'll be close to you...

Sometimes lift is crazy it makes no sense at all
At times we think we've had enough and wanna run for the door
Searching for a life,to find a missing part
And here we are now we are to fit in each other s heart...

歌曲:Say You Need Me Now