Drunk Fish


Sometimes I know you don't love me
It's clear , don't deny , it's obvious
Something you're holding back from me
It's clear , don't deny baby , it's obvious

La la la

Some lies you made me swallow I know
Why I pretend even gloat cuz still I want your blow
Sometimes I feel you don't love me
It's clear , I won't deny but I boobed again again

La la la

Girl , I am telling you , you bitch .
Know you want nothing but make love for 24-7,
I know you , I know you junk,
you twat you scrubber ha

Come around and love me
Drunk fish need to be hydrated
Cook more more more more love for me
Whatever skank or clumsy I can be

歌曲:Drunk Fish
演唱:Pumpkins( 小南瓜乐队 )