Jet Off To Star


Why am I still stuck here
What should I supposed to be , dear
No more shining , even blinding , what you say

Jenny , won't you ride the star tonight
Terrific soft is passing by
But terrible feeling won't lie


Sorry son , guess it freak you out again
Eyes on the Acadian bride
Curtain the window , get down on carpet , search the light from the star

I feel it I feel it then I falling
Hero won't in save you from drowning
Oh jenny bless me fall asleep on your lips

Oh I see Eros is a pimp,he dastard
I swear I will gamble all my blood

Will you get out from this feast
Back and see the sun
Well it's normal a little cold

歌曲:Jet Off To Star
演唱:Pumpkins( 小南瓜乐队 )