莫文蔚( Karen Mok )

Music:伊秩弘将(Hiromasa Ijichi)

Pretty Baby  Oh Pretty Baby What's come over ?
You look weary today . Kinda weary  Like a child at play
I see no reason for regrets or dismay
What I say
I never ever say it in an ordinary fashion What I do
I do with total passion
Listen to my cries  Look into my eyes
Lucky lady  Oh Lucky lady
I have a feeling of success on the way
Never easy On a rainy day
I take no comfort in the games that you play
I say I'll play
I'll lay down my rules before you turn away and I swear
I dare  To share all my love if only you would do as I say
Lovely lady   Oh Love lady
What is the secret to success all the way A little beauty
Goes a long long way
It conjures up the little trick that I play

歌曲:I SAY
演唱:莫文蔚( Karen Mok )