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作词:Cyrill Lam@SAGAS
作曲:Cyrill Lam@SAGAS

Pack my bag
Put my boots on
Give up all the little things

Nothing right,
nothin wrong for me
Today I just don't care

Day by day, Busy work
gettin' lost for too long

Oh~ It's time, Find my way
Find myself

Time is short
The road is long
Goin' as far as I can

Round the world
No matter how I try
I'll find you somewhere

Flying high
Down to earth
Take a breath, Find some more

Falling down climbing up
Once again

One life
One shot
No time to be sad

Seeking happiness
Talk about love ~

Open your eyes
On the other side
The star's still shining bright

Open your mind
Be shining in your sky

Give a meaning to your life
Woo~ oh~ ei~ oh~

Find yourself~ Woo~ oh~ ei~ oh~

Find someone ~ Woo~ oh~ ei~ oh~

Stay in love ~ Woo~ oh~ ei~ oh~

The life's just one short story
Oh Title your life LOVE

(You're worthy to deserve better days)

Take a break
When you feel so tired
Just Leave it all behind

Raise your head
And show your teeth
You re fearless everywhere

Face to face
Talk to me
I wanna hear your laugh

Oh~ It's time, Find your way
Find yourself

Make a change
When you lose yourself
It's clear as a bell

Make it count
And It's your time
Be what you want to be