Matthew Lien > 爱,去哪里了 ?(Where Does Love Go ?) > All Rise Together(同心同行)

All Rise Together(同心同行)


A word to the weary
The lone and distraught
Though you may feel
You're the one God forgot
There is no reason to go it alone
There is one who will carry you home

And all of the aged
The weathered with time
You need not believe
You have been left behind
For there comes a vessel
With sails all unfurled
Ready to sail from this world

*We will all rise together
Yes we will all rise
Love in our eyes
We will all rise together
Together we'll raise everyone

All saints in waiting
Both near and afar
Rise and awaken
Wherever you are
For he is among us
Who you've waited for
No need to wait anymore


Together we'll raise everyone