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Share The Love(分享爱)


I am alive
I am everything
That I could ever dream of
And I know
I am part of something
Bigger than myself

There is beauty all around me
There is beauty deep inside of me
And I hope that you will take my hand

*Share the love, everybody
Can you hear the children cry
This is our only home
We can make it if we try
To share the love
Share the grace
And make this world a better place
Let your heart rise above
And share the love

You are alive
You are everything
That you could ever dream of
Did you know
You are part of something
Bigger than yourself

There is power deep inside you
If you want to
You could really change the world
Change your life
Take my hand


Can you hear the children calling
They are calling out your name
When we feel the needs of others
Then we all, we are the same
We are all the same creation
We are noble, we are strong
We are living here together
This is where we all belong