Where Does Love Go ?(爱,去哪里了 ?)


What have I, at last, become
Something has gone terribly wrong
What was once a joyful world
Was it just an island, all along

My god, the ache has grown so strong
The search for home has gone too long
Won't you please tear down the veil?
Reveal the truth in light and song

*”Where does love go
Does anyone know
When words in a song
Are all that there is to show
And deep in your heart
I know you're falling apart
Does anyone know
Or is it, only God knows
Where does love go”

What is this twisted pain I feel
The irony is so surreal
While it holds me from the light
It is the very light I need to heal

How could I fail to see the signs
No need to read between the lines
When this piano fails to sing
It is a sun that fails to shine

It seems my dreams have come to naught
“You haven't lost, you just forget”
This burden seems too great to bear
“Surrender up your troubled lot”
I am a man of faith distraught
“With promise of a faith renewed”
Within the grip of winter caught
“Yet love remains inside of you”
“And as it is with everything”
“As winter came, so comes the spring”

Although you've shown me what is true
In truth, I turned away from you
But you touch my face, correct my gaze
Now my life is coming into view

Forgive me for my selfish ways
I guess they served me in my younger days
But now that I've so much to give
I must find another way to live

“It seems that only God know
Through the black and the blue
That, after it all
And everything you've been through
And all of the mountains
And the oceans you've crossed
The love that you lost
Was right here waiting for you
It just goes to show
That love never goes”

Matthew Lien:Where Does Love Go ?(爱,去哪里了 ?),来自专辑《爱,去哪里了 ?(Where Does Love Go ?)》。