Matthew Lien > 爱,去哪里了 ?(Where Does Love Go ?) > Believe(你不渺小)



Can you hear, the end is near
The weeping willow cried
The charge is grim, for far too many
Innocents have died

Something true inside of you
Is answering the call
Showing you the writing on the wall

Through the nights a guiding light
Has brought you here today
Even though the wind has blown
Against you all the way

You would not surrender, no
You would not turn away
There was something more you had to say

*You can climb the highest mountain
You can sail the seven seas
You are all that you imagine
You can do what you believe

When you feel the love inside you
You become a rising star
There is nothing that can stop you
Just believe in who you are
And you're not too small to really change the world

Holding on to what is strong
And what you feel is true
All you need is right inside of you

You may leave the world behind you
Travel far to the unknown
There are angels that will guide you
With the love that you have shown