Mary Says

王力宏( Leehom Wang )

How long has it been since I held you near?
How long will it be till I have you right here?
You say that it hurts I can't disagree
But how can I hold on to someone who's leaving me?
And mary says she's gonna be OK
She tells me things are getting busier these days
(She tells me things will be much easier someday)
And mary says she's gonna be alright
You know how much I miss her in my life
(You know how much I'm missing her deep inside)
Goodbye yesterday, I see my dreams walking away
And mary looks just like she did before
Except she don't love me, she don't love me anymore
I could shake your hand or I could kiss you goodbye
But I just might break down looking in your brown eyes
So what happens next do I listen to my mind or heart?
I don't know where to start feeling alright again…….

歌曲:Mary Says
演唱:王力宏( Leehom Wang )