Long Way Without Friends

Beyond( Beyond band )

The sun is scorching down
And the sand reflect its light
I'm moving with my shadow
Through this empty haunted land
Strange sounds from nowhere
And the strong wind cut my face
Nobody'll help
but what else can I do?

Oh, Lord I need your help
In the sky there's a eagle soaring by
Oh, Long way without friends
But I'll never, never change my mind

The moon is hanging high
With her lonely stars behind
The moonlight lit the ground
The moonlight give me a chill
But only the moonlight
Will show me my way
Nobody'll help
But what else can I do?

The gift is in my hands,
And the road before my eyes,
The fire has ceased to burn.
I can feel the torture's gone.
But will it last for long,
when the spell is still around.
Nobody care,But what else can I do?

歌曲:Long Way Without Friends
演唱:Beyond( Beyond band )