Beyond( Beyond band )


It was a story told for years
When a young girl dwelled this land
With eyes shone like the star
And a smile that charmed both heaven and earth

The moonwas ashamed when next to her
And the flowers bowed their heads
Her songs could tame the beasts
Her hands could wave all sorrows away

Chours: Yet that Fate was envy 'bout this girl'

And a plot was planned to lay her down

To a pasture she was led
Where the grass was always green
In the midst of this wonderland

Stood the plant that'd bring her permanent end

The plant of death was in her eyes
Sending its fragrant through the air
Laughter form below was heard

With a touch the task was done
Like an arrow it speared her heart
Like venom it killed her light

An her body slowly dropped
Stopped the singing from around
Her soul left without a sound

演唱:Beyond( Beyond band )