苏芮( Julie Sue )

We used to walk hand in hand
In the pouring rhythm of the rain
We used to share each other's joys
We used to share each other's pain
But somehow things would change
I know you are leaving
Every sign that is telling me you are leaving
Don't you know I live I die l love I cry
I breathe and sing for you
Love to remember everything my love we used to do
Forever I'll pretend myself that always you've been true
Believe in the foolish excuse that I sadly made for you

So that is the way it seems to be
With a melancholy girl like me
So what's the use of lover's vow
Before they see eternity
People hand in hand lose in confusion
Cause when they're face to face
They see illusion

And though I know by now
You might be holding someone new
And hurting me by doing the things
My love we used to do
For all those lonely nights
My love I can't believe we're through
Cause memories in the past do something
More than make me blue

演唱:苏芮( Julie Sue )