Inside of my guitar

作词:Bellamy Brothers
作曲:Bellamy Brothers

Now, there's a place i want to show you
And don't you know it's not too far
And there's a place i want to know you
Inside of my guitar

In my guitar there is a garden
Where rainbows bloom and shine like stars
If you say no, i beg your pardon
Come inside of my guitar

I'll make you laugh
And make you sing
And we can play among the stars
And we'll make love and dance beneath the strings
Inside of my guitar

Now, there's a feeling that i'm after
So please don't think my love's bizarre
But i hear music, girl, and laughter
Inside of my guitar

朱孝天(Ken Chu):Inside of my guitar,来自专辑《Getting Real(新歌加精选)》。