Mysterious Eyes

罗大佑( Lo Da-Yu )


Lady can you hear my heart of passion
knocking at your senses
Can you see my eyes of sorrow
casting tear drops on your shadow
And I don't want to let go
You make me feel like a little boy
who holds so tightly on his toy
You make me feel like a grown-up man
who finally wakes up and understands
And I don't want to let go

It's so warm a feeling when I'm
here within your sight
But I'm so frightened with the mysteries
in your eyes
Are they something in my life
of unsung melody
Or are they leading to some hidden history
Oh, what a shame and what a pity
I'm just a mediocraty
But then again
I love you with your beautiful humanity
Makes me blue, and then I love you

La La La ..........

歌曲:Mysterious Eyes
演唱:罗大佑( Lo Da-Yu )